Bilmar Mudlogging Services, LLC

Providing the highest quality computerized mudlogging & pressure detection services.

Bilmar Mudlogging Services, LLC is a U.S. owned mudlogging and pressure detection services company with offices in Houston and Ledbetter, Texas. We are dedicated to providing intensive well-site services, with an extensive range of mudlogging operations and geological consulting.

Bilmar Mudlogging Services, LLC

Bilmar was founded by Marc Johnson and prides itself on its leadership and direction of 24-hour mudlogging services, with the most efficient and effective technology available. We are fully insured and have provided services for companies such as: Fina, Anadarko, El Paso, Marathon, as well as many other independents. Cutting-edge data collection and communications allow precise data quality and reliability. We are capable of fulfilling any mudlogging requirements you may have.

Data Acquisition Units

Two Bilmar Technicians are present on a 24 hour basis, preparing daily mud Logs, correlation logs, and other reports. This is accomplished using a computerized mudlogging unit equipped with automated logging software, total gas hotwire, and a gas chromatograph, plus a log draw computer and florescence detection equipment. Each technician is responsible for keeping all records and trip gas and connection gas reports to determine important gas zones, updated and submitted in a timely manner.

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