We are wholly committed to providing the highest quality of computerized mudlogging & pressure detection services, allowing our customers to make their critical drilling-related decisions with the most accurate well site information available. We are dedicated to the certainty that success is the result of having well-trained employees using the best technology available.

The Bilmar Advantage: Why choose Bilmar Mudlogging Services?

  1. Our Computerized Mudlogging Trailers are equipped with an aquisition computer with automated Logging Software, Total Gas Hotwire and a Gas Chromatograph plus a Log Draw computer with Rockware’s Logplot 2003 Logging application software.
  2. Logging Trailer Manned 24 hours each day by two technicians, each responsible for keeping Mud Logs, Correlation Logs, and other necessary Reports updated and submitted in a timely manner.
  3. Continuous monitoring of formation and background gases coming from the well bore.
  4. Lithologic interpretations and fluoroscopic examination of well cuttings caught at predetermined intervals by the drilling rig crews or our technicians.
  5. Trip Gas and Connection Gas Reports to determine important gas zones.